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Gholami Trading Company

Home Page


In the last two decades, the exchange of information, goods, money and documents have made fundamental changes in international business.
In addition to increasing the volume of trade, commercial affairs have been specialized and complex. Therefore, mastering the principles, rules and regulations of trade has an increasing importance.

Trade and commerce between different countries and nations date back to several thousand years ago. Man always seeks to meet his needs from all parts of the world and import and export trade are the main business in all countries in the world.

Our Services

  1. Trade and customs consulting services

    This collection provides a wide range of commercial and customs services have been able the welfare of promote domestic and foreign  to establish customers.

  2. Exports to all regions of the world

    Gholami Commercial having much experience in the base of export of goods and commodities, can be different licenses to export your goods safest way to accomplish.

  3. Imports from all countries

    You can trust us to keep their goods in the shortest possible time and the most reasonable cost of goods customs you do and you turn to the desired destination.

  4. Clearance from the customs of the country

    We have different agencies around the country you can the necessary permits for the entry of goods into the country as soon as possible to prepare and as soon as possible to get your goods to recive your hand.

Our Customers