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Export – Gholami Trading Company


What does ‘Export’ mean?

‘Export’ literally means to send and transfer goods from one place to another either within the country or from inside the country to abroad, in customs, ‘Export’ means sending goods out of the customs territory of the country.
‘An Exporter’ is referred to any real or legal person who has a business card or license and proceeds to export commodities.
Export of goods out of the country is divided into two categories: Definitive and Temporary Export
It should be noted that the Definitive Export is sending goods out of the customs territory of the country for sale or consumption in foreign countries. The Definitive Export is exempted from paying customs duties, trading profits and taxes, but it is subject to customs cost.

In the third and fourth plan, export has been considered as an effective and key element in the economic development of the country and preparation of social and cultural infrastructures for applying export strategies have been emphasized.
Export is the starting point for communicating with other countries.

In general, a healthy & reasonable economy is the one that export is in excess of import. For the strategic commodities such as oil and gas, determining the amount of import or export will be based on the principles and political happenings.

Export means overseas marketing – in other words, it means going beyond the national boundaries which are different in culture, economy, politics, society and climate. So the way of treating must be appropriate.

Gholami Trading Company with years of experience in export has achieved significant success and based on the experiences, helped the actual and potential customers in this regard.